Always...Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline/Clarence Brown Theatre

Arts Knoxville

by Alan Sherrod

"Laura Beth Wells sings the role of Patsy Cline, capturing with stunningly beautiful accuracy in the show’s 27 musical numbers, the essence, edge, and depth of Cline’s voice and character—an amazing accomplishment and reason enough to catch this show."


In The Next Room, or The Vibrator Play

Annie/River and Rail Theatre

​Arts Knoxville

by Alan Sherrod

​"Laura Beth Wells found the dramatic magic that made the character three-dimensional and intriguing."

Spiderman:Turn Off The Dark

Emily Osborn/Foxwoods Theatre

Superhero Movie News review

By Roby D'Ottavi

"The rest of the cast is awesome. Emily Osborn, who is played by Laura Beth Wells, gives a great performance as Norman’s loving wife. Emily died in the comics well before we ever met Norman, I think having her appear here makes Norman a much more relatable man."

The Odd Couple

Gwendolyn Pigeon/Ivoryton Playhouse

CT Critics Circle review

By Geary Danihy

"If you can’t wait for the Pigeon sisters, Gwendolyn (Laura Beth Wells) and Cecily (Eleanor Handley), to drop by for dinner, then you won’t be disappointed, for Wells and Handley are as “coo-coo” as you remember....The high point of the evening is, of course, the dinner with the Pigeon sisters, and here the evening brightens even more, for Wells and Handley give the audience two brightly-plumed, brainless British “birds” to delight in. The extended scene, with Connelly in agony as the two sisters prattle on, is one you wish would go on forever."

Ken Marks, Isabel Keating, Laura Beth Wells and Matt Caplan
Photo by Krissie Fullerton


Laura Beth Wells


Laura Beth Wells and band

Photo by Ella Marston

Emily Helton and Laura Beth Wells

Photo by David Johnson